VRTX Advanced Fluid Technology

Fluid Machinery is a distributor for VRTX Advanced Fluid Technology: chemical-free water treatment for cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

VRTX is an established, proven,chemical-free treatment alternative for water in cooling towers and evaporative condensers. The technology has been validated by independent studies, case histories, and successfully operating VRTX systems. Many of these system installations are utilized by Fortune 500 companies, and VRTX is saving them water while eliminating chemicals and controlling scale, corrosion, and bacteria.

VRTX uses an eductor chamber and an independent filtration system to convert dissolved calcium and carbonate into a non-sticking, crystalline-modified form of calcium carbonate that is easy to filter and remove from water. This combined synergistic effect reduces the amount of blowdown from systems. The VRTX unit is compact, relatively inexpensive, and requires little maintenance. VRTX technology is based upon Hydrodynamic Cavitation – NOT MAGNETS OR ELECTRIC FIELDS!

If you can no longer afford to throw away water, chemicals, energy, and MONEY from your cooling or condenser systems, then this innovative, patented, award-winning technology may be your answer.

VRTX drawing

VRTX unit

VRTX Technologies is your chemical free alternative to cooling tower and evaporative condenser and other fluid stream maintenance.